Brandon Becker

I am a 32-year-old man diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, GERD, and pain predominant IBS. I have gone through a battery of treatments and medications in a desperate attempt to alleviate my daily discomfort and improve my quality of life. Nothing seemed to alleviate my digestive woes until I began working with Keith two years ago. Focus Tai Chi, alongside a tailored diet, has brought my body and gut back to its formal glory.

– Brandon B., Social worker



Marcelle Hanish tai chi testimonial

Marcelle Hanish

“I took a series of Tai Chi Classes from Keith for CEU’s with the State of Arizona Acupuncture Board.
I learned many things from Keith. He is very knowledgeable about his Art and is able to teach you at the level you are capable of. We learned basic QiGong breathing. I enjoyed the Tai Chi Partner exercises to develop, sense and redirect incoming Qi. Keith is a gentle soul and Very patient! A Fantastic teacher. I also got one of his CD’s, which I really enjoy! I would wholeheartedly recommend Keith to anyone interested in learning about Martial Arts, Tai Chi or QiGong. He is an Expert and Master!”

Marcelle H. ~Owner at Arizona Center for Allergies, PLLC




“Keith is a dedicated, talented, and personable internal martial arts instructor.

For as long as I was training underneath him, he was always studying new material. Keith was learning Chinese so that he could read source material in the original language. He was always striving for getting to the heart of tai qi and qi gong. He didn’t want to just copy moves, he wanted a deep understanding of the essence of each movement.

I wish he was still here in the Phoenix area, and I envy anyone who is able to train with him in person. While I have worked with other talented and capable martial arts instructors, I have not found anyone with whom I felt the level of personal camaraderie I had with Keith.”

Thomas M. ~Director, System Development



“As a martial arts instructor of 15 years, I’ve studied Tai Chi with six different instructors. Looking for the right instructor in any discipline can take a great span of years, and I’m grateful to have found one at long last.”

Derek B. ~Martial Arts Instructor



“Instead of using the simplified ‘follow the leader’ style of most Tai Chi schools, Keith gave me a deep understanding of the detailed breathing process and chi flow necessary to achieve this art’s true benefits. He did an amazing job of explaining the energy flow of each movement, as well as how to practically apply each technique in a martial way. I have studied Tai Chi from a variety of schools, but none come close to Focus Tai Chi for an intuitive, hands-on, and fun experience.”

Sam B. ~Entrepreneur


“Tai Chi with Keith helps with my stress and anxiety. I love going to class because he makes it so fun and engaging. I am always learning new things.”

Jennifer C. ~Graphic Designer



“Tai Chi with Keith Brewer is the ultimate combination of exercise, stress reduction and mental focus. Through his unique explanations of how the movements function combined with his experience, anyone can learn to practically apply this ancient art to modern day existence.”

George H., Finance Officer



“I have been shown Taiji from a number of instructors over the last five years. This is the first time I have ever been shown how the hips drive the movements. The results are much more pronounced in how this has an effect on the body. Keith works to show the proper movements and at the same time how to access the lower dantian. This makes a huge difference in how effective Taiji is when done correctly.”

Perry C. ~Licensed Acupuncturist



Tom K.

“I’ve attended Tai Chi/Qi Gong classes in the past from two other providers, from different companies, and the level of instruction I received from them felt like they learned the movements from watching YouTube videos. That is definitely not the case with Keith. Keith is a veteran instructor and has been teaching Tai Chi/Qi Gong for many years. At the end of each class, I feel calm, in tune with my Qi, and ready to start the day strong.”

Tom K. ~Office Manager