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Inspirational and engaging, Keith Brewer shows anyone how to quickly lower their stress levels, without medication or special equipment. Stress-related illnesses account for over 90% of all doctors’ visits in America, resulting in sick days, lowered quality of life, and loss of productivity.

Keith shows how a special type of breathing combined with slow, gentle movements from the ancient Chinese meditational healing art of qigong (pronounced chee-gong) can lower stress and its negative reactions.

Thousands of years old and at one time a secret art reserved for royalty and elite warriors, these exercises are now being endorsed by Harvard Medical School and other top research institutions to relieve the mental and physical stresses of modern life.

By the time Keith was 10, all the specialists were in agreement: without an operation, the severity of his skeletal issues would put him in a wheelchair by the time he turned 13. The operation had only a 50% of success and an 80% chance of more pain. Keith looked for another solution.

Today, thanks to qigong and its martial counterpart, tai chi, Keith is a fully able martial arts and qigong instructor who continues to astonish doctors.

“Qigong and tai chi allow us to access the healing energy that is always all around us and available to anyone who is willing to learn and practice. Not only our minds, but our entire bodies, even our bones – no matter the age or condition – are in a constant state of change.”- Keith BrewerTai Chi & Qigong Expert

Keith now shows others a healthier approach to help relieve the serious stresses of modern life, both mentally and physically. Never one to “dumb things down,” he has a knack for conveying profound but important concepts in entertaining ways that anyone can understand.

Many attendees have experienced immediate benefits and continue these life-changing exercises at home on their own!

I have scoliosis that causes imbalance when standing and walking. The qigong is absolutely transformational! I can feel the difference after class, where my posture is more relaxed, relieving me of the strain and stress. It has really given me much more hope about my situation!

Nancy P.

Fashion Illustrator

Keith is an advanced tai chi and qigong instructor with the American Tai Chi & Qigong Association. He teaches tai chi, qigong, and kung fu at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, where he is studying for his doctorate. He is also in the diplomate program at the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine. 

Keith Brewer is the author of Let's Get Pregnant: Little-Known Traditional Chinese Medicine Methods to Boost Fertility, provides an integrative approach to healthy conception, without drugs or invasive procedures. 

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Derek B.

Martial arts instructor

Keith Brewer’s commitment to exhaustive research into both the technical and esoteric nature of Tai Chi has resulted in a curriculum of unmatched authenticity. Looking for the right instructor in any discipline can take a great span of years, and I’m grateful to have found one at long last

George Harris, LAc


Tai Chi and qigong with Keith Brewer are the ultimate combination of exercise, stress reduction and mental focus. Through his unique explanations of how the movements function combined with his experience anyone can learn to practically apply this ancient art to modern day existence.

Jennifer S.

Graphic Designer

Tai Chi/qigong with Keith helps with my stress and anxiety. I love going to class because he makes it so fun. I am always learning new things.

Brandon B.

Social worker

I am a 32-year-old man diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, GERD, and pain predominant IBS. Nothing seemed to alleviate my digestive woes until I began practicing qigong and tai chi with Keith two years ago.

Associations and Past Clients

  • American Tai Chi and Qigong Association
  • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago
  • Illinois Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
  • Arizona Board of Acupuncture Examiners
  • ASU Confucius Institute
  • Blue Serenity Acupuncture

Popular Presentation Topics

  • Retrain Your Body to Handle Stress
    This topic is very popular, especially given today’s modern lifestyles, where the body is constantly in fight-or-flight mode. Qigong and tai chi change how the body handles stress. They retrain the mind–body connection and can dramatically reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and other outcomes of modern living. These healing arts are easy to integrate into any lifestyle. Includes learning simple postures and breathing techniques.
  • Lowering Your Blood Pressure with Qigong and Tai Chi
    Qigong and tai chi are now recognized as a simple, natural, and inexpensive way to lower your blood pressure. Many leading Western medical institutions, including Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic, are recommending their practice. Includes learning simple posture and breathing techniques that will help lower blood pressure through regular practice.
  • The Ancient Chinese Way to Longevity & Health
    This talk addresses how the Ancient Chinese healing art of qigong and tai chi is being recognized by top Western medical organizations for its effectiveness at healing the body and increasing longevity. Keith demonstrates how qigong can be integrated into a healthy lifestyle, especially for the aging. Includes learning simple postures and breathing techniques.
  • Women’s Health and Fertility Qigong
    This workshop teaches qigong exercises to help increase fertility and vitality in preparation for pregnancy, as well as dissipate breast and uterine fibroids and poor circulation. Basic concepts of health according to Chinese medicine concepts are addressed, including diet. Includes special qigong breathing and exercise sets. 
  • Qigong and Tai Chi for Chronic Pain
    Pain is a big problem in the Western, where standard treatment often includes medication with undesirable side effects. This talk gives some of the history of qigong and tai chi, including the origins of medical qigong. It shows how to use these practices to reduce chronic pain from arthritis and other ailments. Includes learning simple posture and breathing techniques.
  • The Martial Aspects of Tai Chi
    The West has mostly ignored the martial aspects of tai chi, emphasizing its health benefits. Although Chen tai chi is slowly becoming recognized for its fighting characteristics, Yang tai chi as a fighting art is still largely dismissed. Keith discusses the martial origins of Chen and Yang tai chi and demonstrate some of its self-defense techniques.