Our Fitness Journey – Day 0

Today is our last hurrah before we start the journey to reclaim our fitness! We may introduce some taiji and kung fu training later on, but first, we want to focus on free exercise programs that almost anyone has access to.

I’m a lifelong martial artist and martial arts instructor, and I’ve spent the past few years studying at one of the country’s top integrated Eastern-Western medical schools for my doctorate. I had always kept myself in shape and strong due to spinal issues, until recently.

Having lived in an apartment in an angry urban neighborhood for the past several years, compounded by the recent COVID lockdowns and readily available crap food you can have brought right to your door with a few taps on an app, has made my wife and I fat and out of shape. We’ve both lost muscle tone and flexibility. We’re both old enough to know where this will lead if we don’t do something now.

We’re going to be making changes to our diet and lifestyle. We’ll be offering recipes, exercises, diet tips and more, Check in tomorrow for more details.

Remember, it’s never too late to bounce back! The hardest part is taking that first step. Some days will be more fun than others. We plan on posting daily, so you’ll get to see it all! See you tomorrow, for Day 1!

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