Oriental Medicine

I’ve started my second term going part time at PCOM studying to be a doctor of Oriental medicine. At this point I am just putting my head down and digging in for the long haul. I could get through the program faster if I’d come up to full time but for me at this point, I am absorbing more this way than I could the other and like I’ve always said in my classes Time is Irrelevant.

Along with the classes I’m taking, PCOM is still working with me to let me teach my classes. Here’s a quick shot (I’m not in the picture) of my wife Alicia running a cooldown/stretching session after one of our classes that covers a little kung fu a little taiji and a little qigong.

Oriental Medicine

I can’t say how happy it makes me that I did not have to stop teaching these classes in order to pursue my doctorate in oriental medicine. I offer these classes free to the public and if the admin at PCOM weren’t so welcoming and easy to work with I wouldn’t have been able to do this.

The workload in my classes is demanding even at the part-time level but we are learning to be doctors so you have to expect that it won’t be just a walk in the park. The thing that makes it all work is that the teachers at PCOM are all passionate about what they do and what they teach so they bring the subject matter alive.

Oriental Medicine

PCOM is the #2 ranked school in America for oriental medicine and they are now offering a DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) at their Chicago location for a fraction of the cost of going to a big Western medical school for the same degree. I’m just excited on a daily basis to be part of this program and to see msyelf inching closer and closer to having my DAOM.

I just passed my midterms in  my second term and I have a long ways to go so I better get back to the books but I will write more often as I get settled into the program and try to give updates.

My classes this term are Points Location – 1, Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine – 2 & Anatomy & Physiology 3.