2016 World Tai Chi Day Chicago

On April 30th of this year, the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-Chicago (PCOM) is holding an event called 2016 World Tai Chi Day Chicago.

The 16th annual World Tai Chi & Qigong Day is an event where cities all around the world come together with the motto “One World… One Breath” and in every city from 10am – 2pm (local times) people come together to do tai chi & qigong. This year, PCOM has reached out to the local community and brought together 5 tai chi & qigong instructors who will all offer a different style of tai chi for local Chicago residents to sample.

2016 World Tai Chi Day Chicago

Feel free to stay in one room or check out a little bit of all of them and see what fits you but there will be something for eveyrone and it’s a great chance to check out tai chi & qigong for free while connecting with the world community on a path to taking your health into your own hands. They say that 90% of all doctor visits in the US today are related to stress-induced sicknesses. The Mayo Clinic recommends tai chi & qigong for relieving stress. Join PCOM and the world on April 30th from 10am – 2pm and see how easily you can lower your stress levels and lower or even stop your doctor visits.

2016 World Tai Chi Day Chicago

Keith Brewer: Tui Shou (push hands)

Brewer has studied qigong for health since he was 7, when Western doctors diagnosed he would be confined to a wheelchair within a few years. He began studying martial arts when he was 10 and was teaching when he was in his teens. He has delved into the deeper levels of Chen and Yang family tai chi, qigong and wushu. Brewer teaches martial arts while pursuing his doctorate of Oriental Medicine at PCOM-Chicago.

2016 World Tai Chi Day Chicago

Arlene Faulk: Yang style Tai Chi

Arlene Faulk teaches Yang-style tai chi, focusing on the 37 movement short form by Grandmaster Chen Man-Ch’ing. She also teaches a Sun-style form developed by Paul Lam, M.D. Arlene has been teaching Tai Chi for 17 years and has studied with some of the top teachers in the U.S. and China. Faced with disabling symptoms of multiple sclerosis, she completely re-learned to walk through Tai Chi, determination and patience.

2016 World Tai Chi Day Chicago

David Hobgood: Taiji/qigong and kung fu/wushu

Hobgood has over 48 years of martial arts experience, including 40 teaching tai chi chuan and qigong alone. Sifu David has studied under Masters Huang Po Ching, Li Chi Keung, Dr. John Eng and Yang Jwing Ming to learn the Internal Arts of Wisdom such as qigong, tai chi chuan, baguazhang and xing-yi quan.

2016 World Tai Chi Day Chicago

Aaron Johnston: American Kenpo

Johnston has studied martial arts for 18 years, beginning with tai chi chuan and Wing Chun kung fu. He studied under Grandmaster Brent Thompson from 2003-2015, progressing to 3rd degree black belt, until the Grandmaster’s death. He studied hapkido at the same time, rising to the rank just below black belt. He is currying studying Baguazhang and further into tai chi chuan, as well as qigong and Chinese medicine.

2016 World Tai Chi Day Chicago

Roger Rutz: Chen-style taijiquan

Rutz has trained in Chen family tai chi chuan for 9 years under the tutelage of Andy Loria, a disciple of Chen Xiaoxing, grandmaster and principle representative of Chen family tai chi chuan within China. Roger also has 2 years’ experience in Yang family tai chi chuan in the Zheng Manqing lineage as well as more than 10 years of experience training in Chinese gongfu and Japanese kobujutsu.

Join PCOM on World Tai Chi and Qigong Day and help unite the Chicago community with the world as we learn to live and breathe in a way that starts putting our health into our own hands. Comfortable clothing is all that is required. There will be something for everyone and beginners are encouraged to join the fun!

The event is from 10 AM to 2 PM and will be held on the 17th floor of PCOM’s downtown campus at 65 East Wacker Place, Chicago IL 60601. For more details and to RSVP for the event, check out our Meetup page:

Come Celebrate World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day!

Saturday, Apr 30, 2016, 10:00 AM

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
65 East Wacker Place Chicago, IL

13 Members Attending

Join the World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day community in celebrating the healing arts of tai chi and qi gong. Participants will be able to experience various styles of tai chi and qi gong by moving between the several rooms and teachers.The motto of the event is “One World, One Breath”.We will have several rooms offering various styles and participant…

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